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This year, I am back taking part in the MS Gong Ride. This year because of Rona, the ride is Virtual. Same purpose, same cause… Ride to Fight MS.

The ride starts on 1 October. The way the virtual ride works is that I get out on a bike and log my km’s. I have signed up to complete 234km of riding. That is the equivalent of riding from Canberra to Wollongong. You will be able to see my progress here on my page here and support me along the way!

Why am I fundraising?

MS is pretty crap. It’s a neurological disease of the central nervous system. There is no known cause of MS and there is no cure. It often affects young people (more than any other chronic neurological condition) but it can affect anyone at any time and the symptoms vary so widely. 

For instance, can you imagine waking up one day unable to do the everyday things you would usually take for granted? Like not being able to see properly (or at all), you physically can’t get out of bed, can’t walk to the phone to call someone – anyone – or live a life without pain?

I’m riding to fundraise and raise awareness, to contribute so that more can be found out, management can be improved, and we can move closer to a cure.

Thank you for your generous support. Your support will contribute to keeping Aussies living with multiple sclerosis connected to others and connected to the information and services they need to live their best life.

Thank you again for your support!


(Duck Boy)

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Jeffrey Turvey


James Sports Management

Nice one Jeffro!



Go for it little brother; just like Elton on the dinky!😉 I reckon you will have no problem exceeding your km goal. Such a worthy cause.




Caleb Te Mo

Ride Hard Brother!!



Go for it Ducky! Elton has graduated from the trainer wheels and is ready to smash it. Safe cycling son, R&R@R is on offer.


Kristie Sellar

Great cause to be supporting Jeffro👍 Enjoy the ride 😉


Ryan Van Leent

Nice pic Jeff :)


Bee ?

Good luck Falung



Awesome work Jeff!


Monica Lindbeck


Daniel Fields

Well done, Turvs! Show 'em how to turn the cogs. Great you can do your part to raise funds even during the Rona.


Rachel Elliott


Ramah Sakul

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