Start Times

  Start Times

Ok so you are pumped and ready to go – but when do you start? You will be allocated a start time based on your expected finish time and a range of other factors. We have planned start times to make the flow of the group work along the whole course. Please stick to your allocated start time, which will be confirmed in August.

Start times will be allocated based on a combination of factors including rider experience (as specified by you at registration) and number of places available in start times. We aim to give all team members the same start time, which is based on the combination experience of team members.

Sydney Start Site

The 82km ride starts from 6.00am, with start times every 30 minutes to spread riders evenly along the course and reduce congestion. You will be allocated a start time between 6am and 8am in August.

Engadine Start Site

The 58km ride starts at 8.00am. To reduce congestion and spread riders evenly along the course, riders will be released in intervals up until 8.45am.

MS Wellness Run start times (Wollongong)

  • 10km: 7:45am
  • 5km: 8:00am

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