Matched Funding

Many companies now offer 'matched funding' as part of their corporate social responsibility programs. This means they support their employees' charitable efforts by matching their fundraising dollar for dollar.

Talk to you your HR department and communicate your message, your goal and to ask for support. Even if they don't have a matched funding program they may consider making a donation to support your efforts for a charitable cause.

MS can supply any information or official documentation you may need. Make sure you let us know if your employer agrees to match the money you raise. We will send your company a tax-deductible receipt, and to express our gratitude to you and your company we will send a letter of thanks and a certificate following the event.

Other Ways to Get Your Company Involved

If not through matched funding, your employer may like to make a company donation, organise staff to volunteer, promote fundraising for you (or your team) in their internal communications, pay for staff entry fees or organise company branded merchandise.

If you need more information on how your company might be able to support you (or your team) at the Gong ride please call 1300 733 690 or email

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