Why Form a Team?

Forming a team is a great way to join forces with your family, friends and colleagues to combine creative ideas and work together to reach your fundraising goal!

MS Sydney to the Gong Bike Ride riders tell us they love the camaraderie of working together to fundraise for MS and really enjoy riding with their friends and colleagues on the day.

So if you're planning to ride with a mate or two why not make it official and form a team?

Workplace Teams

Creating a workplace team with your colleagues is a great way to build relationships and friendships outside the office. Fundraising and training during the lead up to the event is personally rewarding - and your company will be seen to be supporting an important community cause.

You could ask your employer to support your team's fundraising efforts by:

  • Paying all or part of team members' entry fees (contact us to arrange a team payment code)
  • Supplying members with a team uniform
  • Making a tax-deductible donation
  • Matching the total amount raised by team members
  • Mentioning your team in company newsletters or on social media

You can ensure your participation in the MS Sydney to the Gong Bike Ride benefits your employer by:

  • Putting your company name and logo on your team fundraising page
  • Using the event to build relationships by asking your clients and suppliers to join you
  • Letting us know how your employer is supporting you - we might give them a mention in our newsletters

Learn more about corporate teams.

Community Teams

Some of the Gong Ride's most dedicated community teams are formed when friends and family members come together to support someone they know who is living with multiple sclerosis. Others are made up of members of sporting or social groups who want to work together for a good cause. If you have yourself and one other person, you can form a community team!

Team Awards

Every year we present awards on the day of the Gong Bike Ride for:

  • Best Dressed Team
  • Best Uniformed Team
  • Largest Team

We also celebrate the achievements of the Highest Fundraising Team and Highest Average Fundraising Team, who will be announced via e-mail after the conclusion of the event.

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