Team Web Page

Once you have created a team, and become the team captain, you will receive access to your own team web page. Use the team page to keep track of team members and their fundraising, communicate with the team, promote sponsors and thank all those that have sponsored the team.

Your team web page will display:

  • All team members and their profile photos
  • Total number of team members
  • The names of all those who have sponsored the team, donation amounts and their personal messages
  • Total amount fundraised by the team and each member of the team - including online, offline and personal donations
  • Team message and fundraising goal

As team captain, when you login you will be able to:

  • View all team members and their individual fundraising totals
  • Send an email to all team members, using one of our email templates
  • Send an email to thank all your team sponsors
  • Add the offline donation amounts online onto your team total
  • Edit your team page (add photos, message and fundraising goal)
  • Edit your team blog, keeping all members and sponsors up to date on your teams activities

Got Questions?

If you have any queries or need any assistance managing your team or using your team web page, please call the MS Events Team on 1300 733 690 or email

The online system makes it easier for you to manage and organise your team entry and team members. It is also easier for you to fundraise and for others to donate and support your team.

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