Family and Friends Teams

Some of the most dedicated community teams are formed when friends and family members come together to support someone they know who is living with multiple sclerosis. Others are made up of members of sporting or social groups who want to work together for a good cause. All you need to be part of a team is yourself and one other person!

Family and friends teams

How to make it happen

1. Create a team - When registering simply choose the option to ‘Create a team’ or ‘Join a Team’

2. Set up your team fundraising page – as Team Captain you can

  • Customise your team page
  • See your team results
  • Download team info via ‘View Your Team’
  • Invite others to join your team
  • Register someone on their behalf
  • Send messages to your team

Check out the Online Fundraising Portal tips for help.

3. Download the fundraising guide for all the information you need to be a gold star fundraising team

4. Download our fundraising tools to make your fundraising easy and successful!

5. Let us help! Our team are all here to answer any questions and offer support throughout the process. Feel free to contact us on 1300 733 690 or [email protected] whenever you need.