Custom Kit

  Custom Kits

Yep – you can design your own MS Gong Ride jersey! In the past we have seen some awesome (and some wild) designs, which all adds to your team’s comradery on event day. 

Creating your own custom kit also creates an opportunity for sponsorship from your supporters, local business and brands which can further add to your fundraising.

Kim Nguyen, the president of the Soft Cogs, recognises this opportunity and has leveraged this to help promote his team’s supporters, giving them exposure to the 10,000 cyclists and hundreds of spectators on event day. Not to mention the recognition they get on training rides.

“It's been a crucial element to our identity as most people will associate our colours (green black and white) with the team. Also, it empowers the team as they feel part of something big... because they are! It also acts as an effective vessel to showcase our generous sponsors who get behind us every year” Kim says. 


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