“I’m Indira! I did the MS Gong in 2016 in Sydney and I absolutely loved it.”

Indira is based in Singapore and participating in the 2020 MS Gong Ride Virtual. Indira shared her story of how she plans on reaching her fundraising goal and how the ride will keep her fit and healthy whilst working from home…

“I’m Indira! I did the MS Gong in 2016 in Sydney and I absolutely loved it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate due to my move to Singapore, so when I saw the event was now done virtually, I was excited to participate.

Also, with the current travel restrictions I am unable to come back home, so in a way doing the ride allows me to feel like I can contribute for worthy cause but from a far and feel closer to home but virtually.

I decided to take on the MS Gong Ride Virtual to challenge myself and see how many kilometres I can do in a month.

Singapore has awesome bike tracks around the island. So, my plan is to start from East Coast Park and slowly make my way around the island. Because we have a month to complete the ride, I’m planning to ride daily either early mornings or late evenings to beat the Singapore heat.

With the current pandemic and working from home arrangements, I’m simply grateful that I can still get back on my ride. It’s more important now to try strike a balance and for me bike rides are stress-free.

To hit my fundraising goals, I mainly ask family and friends to make a donation as a birthday gift. The race is normally held around my birthday, so it’s nice to mark the occasion with a bike ride for charity.

At this stage, I’m currently riding on my own but will be inviting friends in Singapore to come out and join me!”