The MS Gong Ride Virtual has intrigued the interest of many participants, some of which are living interstate or international. One of these incredible people is Zoey, living in America and pledging to ride 82km in the Ride to Fight MS.

Here’s Zoey’s story…

“My name’s Zoey. I actually did the MS Gong Ride in 2019 when I was living in Wollongong. I moved to the US at the beginning of the year for work, just before the pandemic started.

When I saw that the ride was going virtual this year, I thought it was a great chance to motivate myself to ride my bike a bit more while also helping a cause. I also really enjoyed doing the ride back home in Australia last year, and being able to participate from overseas makes me feel a bit closer to home.

I need a big number to challenge myself and improve my fitness! The 82km ride last year was a good number to work towards.

I haven't quite decided yet if I'll knock out the 82kms in one go, or spread it out over the month. In terms of where I'll be riding, I'm lucky that Reno is close to heaps of national parks and has a relatively large cycling scene. My tentative plans are to either ride along the Truckee River from Reno to Truckee (and back), or to do a long ride closer to Lake Tahoe.

The main motivation for me is to work on my fitness little by little, and to see improvements over time. But apart from that, being outside and seeing natural scenery is another motivating factor. Being able to jump on my bike after being inside all day due to the pandemic is a nice way to mentally unwind.

I fundraise by simply posting on Facebook and providing a link to my MS Gong Ride profile/team page.

Plus, I've managed to rope my partner in to do the ride with me again, and I'm currently putting out the feelers to see if some of my other mates would be interested in joining my team!”

Good work Zoey and good luck on clocking up those KMs.