Melissa Meehan

2023 MS Gong Ride

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I'm taking the Challenge to fight MS!

This November, I am taking part in the 2023 MS Gong Ride! I did lots of MS rides while I lived in Brisbane but this one is more personal.

In April this year I was diagnosed with MS after experiencing pins and needles and numbness in my feet and legs which progressively worsened until I couldn't walk. It was a really scary time for me and my family. MRI showed lesions on my brian and spine and my diagnosis of MS was made soon after. I now have monthly infusions and am so grateful for modern medicine and the support I have around me. 

At the present time I can still be very active and do everything I want to do, but this is not the case for everyone and it cant be guaranteed what my future holds. I remain very positive and hopeful, but I will do anything to fight MS, including raising money for research with the hope that one day there will be a cure, and also raise funds for those that need support to live the best life they can. 

Why am I fundraising?

Your support will help people with multiple sclerosis receive the vital support, treatments, and services to help them live well at home, remain connected to work, and be part of the community.

Thank you again for your support!








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Susan Meehan

We love you both❣️ You GO girl 💪🏻♥️💪🏻♥️💪🏻♥️


Jess Bayley

Go Mel!! You’re amazing!! Jess, Jake and Dom xx


Suzi Mc

You're amazing Mel! ⭐️


The Menzies

Go Mel! We think you’re amazing! Love The Menzies xxx Elisha, Reece, Isla, Ava and Leo xxx


Melissa Meehan


Janette Meehan

Go Mel


Chris And Tiyan

Love you guys!!! Ride on xxx


Alisha Mcgregor

Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way beautiful lady xx



Great work Mel xo


Jordy And Emma

Love you Mel.


Madeleine Genner

Go Mel!!


Heather & Trevor


Shailee Ramsay

you go gf! so proud of you x


Kathleen Doolan

Your Amazing Mel!!


Britt Fitzsimons

Go Mel! I know you will smash this ride and everything else you have ahead of you. Go team Meehan!


Sophie Li

Go Mel , love your kind and strong heart ❤️love you


Abbey Hall

Woo hoo go the mighty Meehans!!!


Alana Graham

You are a super woman Mel! 💪🏼❤️


Sam Rigney

You're the best, Mel.


Karly O

Cheering you on, Mel. So proud of you 🚴‍♀️


Shay Goddard



Georgia Anderson

All the best Mel, thanks for being such a constant ray of sunshine in my life and in the life of so many others, we’ve got your back x



I am so proud of you Mel


Elise Cox

Stay amazing Mel.


Sandra Woolfenden

Go Melissa, you will smash it!




Jackson Meehan

All the best Melissa!



You’re a star Mel!! ⭐️


Vivien Zenteno

Mel you are beautiful inside and out and so amazing you are sharing your experience to raise money and awareness. All the best for the ride you’re incredible!!



I'm so happy you are still cycling after all these years, babies, health hiccups, life! Hope to cycle with you soon. Ride like the wind x


Michelle Neale

We’re all behind you Mel! So proud!!


Kendall Barlow

We are proud of you Mel. You are strong and courageous in the face of a tough diagnosis and you are showing up everyday for yourself, and your family so you can have the best long term outcome. Lots of love, Kendall and John Barlow xo


Shelley Riley

You’re an inspiration, Mel. Thinking of you and will be cheering you on every part of your journey x


Caitlin Sims

Power woman!!! Go you good things. So proud of you!!!


Claire Genner

Great work Mel!


Johanna Dore

Go Mel! Proud of you buddy!


Cara Dillon

You’re amazing Mel!


Shelley Hernage

Your amazing Mel! 🤩💗 Go the Mighty Meehan’s! 🚴🏿


Rebecca Cope

Go Mel!!! Cheering you on xx


Jess Ponoran

Sending you love and support x


Janelle Wheatley


Yasmin Hernage

Well done Mel! Sending love x



Amazing work as always mel!!! I have no doubt that you will be smiling throughout!


Brooke Sainsbury

Go Mel!!!!


Ali Healey

Go Mel! Good on you! x


Delna Pryde

You’ve got this Mel! 💪


Jessica Coolahan

Go Mel ❤️


Gen Hancock

Wonder Woman!


Chantel Ridgeway

Go Mel ❣️


Dani Thomas

You have always been a shining light Mel! You are amazing x

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