MS Plus is here so no one has to face MS alone.

MS Plus offers a suite of services and support to help minimise the impact of living with multiple sclerosis, while the search for a cure continues. This includes support in referral advice and information, everyday tips and tricks, education, emotional support, wellbeing support, symptom management, opportunities to connect with others, employment support, living arrangement support, individual assessment and NDIS and My Aged Care support.

The funds that you raise ensure that people living with multiple sclerosis get the vital support they need to meet their goals and live well, and ensure that no one has to face MS alone.


The development of three state-of-the-art MS Plus Wellbeing Centres in NSW and VIC, offering a comprehensive range of services providing a complete wellbeing service model.

Providing funding to bring new treatments closer to reality, investing in repairing myelin damage, to restore function that has been lost for people with progressive forms of the disease.


people reached out to our Plus Connect team for meaningful advice and practical tools


people sought advice from our MS Nurse and Social Work Advisors


people registered for an educational webinar


people participated in a Plus Peer Support Program

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic and often debilitating disease which attacks the central nervous system. It is the most common neurological disease in young adults and often attacks people at the time of their lives when they are planning families and building a career. Cases of MS are rising and over 25,600 Australians live with the condition; an increase of 4,400 in the past eight years.


I’ve been fighting MS for 26 years. This year’s 40th Gong Ride will be the 16th time I’ve been involved in this challenge. It really helps me cope with my MS, knowing that this huge cycling community is riding to support people like me. Thank YOU!

Stephen "Papo" Papadopoulos
MS Gong Ride Ambassador