Being a Team Captain

Your role as a team captain can be whatever you make it. Whether you are rallying your mates, or pulling together your work colleagues, your role as captain should be fun, easy and rewarding!

We have put together our top tips on how to get the most of it (and your team!)

being a team captain

1. Customise your team page

Make your team page your own by adding some personal touches. Update the personal message explaining what motivates your team and why you are supporting MS, or upload a photo from one of your training rides. Your team page will display your team members’ personal pages as well as tracking your team fundraising total!

2. Grow your team

The more, the merrier! Encourage those in your network to take on the challenge and join your team. We have set up some email templates to get you started that you can send from your fundraising portal. Check out our Fundraising Tools for some posters and social media resources that can help you get the word out!

3. Encourage team members

Your team’s hard work makes a real difference – and we want them to know it! Make sure you keep your team motivated by giving them regular updates and congratulating them on their achievements. As team captain, you’ll be notified when team mates reach fundraising milestones and you can email them all directly through your fundraising portal. Why not organise a team training ride or joint fundraising event to bring them all together before the big day?

4. Get organised

Team fundraising events are always a great way to boost everyone’s fundraising, bring the team together and get the word out there about your participation. If you want to easily spot your riders on the day, why not consider organising custom kits or a team marquee at the finish? We are here to help, so make sure you reach out if you want a hand with all the details.

5. Have fun!

We love seeing teams come together and enjoy themselves on event day! Try some fancy dress or matching gear to make a statement. Our team photos at the start village are a fantastic way to grab a memento of the day. Take your time, enjoy the ride and have a laugh with your mates! 

being a team captain