14 AUGUST 2023

Thinking about your upcoming MS Gong Ride challenge and how to power through those tough moments on the hills and final stretch?

Here’s some inspiration to take you through these final weeks of training, and on the big ride itself from MS Gong Ride Legend - Carol Cooke AM PLY.

Meet Carol Cooke, AM PLY, Paralympic Champion and your MS Gong Ride Ambassador.

Carol Cooke is one of the most inspirational figures in Australian sport and she’ll be riding alongside you. This year marks her 6th MS Gong Ride.

Since 2019 she has earned the World Champion title 9 times and added two more Paralympic Gold medals and one Silver to her collection.

Carol says, “I love the fact that you can see all kinds of bikes. Tandems, recumbents, unicycles, BMX and of course trikes and riders on the day, from the younger riders, to the mom and dad commuters, to the guys who think they are in the Tour de France!

Red Quotation Marks
“I love meeting all the riders and finding out why they are riding. Plus, I love the descent down the coast once you get out of the National Park.”

“Considering I have now had MS for 25 years (I celebrated my 25th anniversary April 23rd) the MS Gong Ride means a huge amount to me.  It means that we can be that much closer to a cure and also that the funds help people living with MS to live a much better and hopefully easier life with the services that are offered by MS Plus.”

“Don't be scared of the ride, it is not a race, it is a wonderfully fun day out but don't forget the importance of raising much needed funds. Anyone can be affected by MS and not just those living with it, family, friends and colleagues, so get out there a raise those funds!”

Carol is a passionate supporter and proud Ambassador of MS Plus and its services, and can’t wait to ride with you on Sunday 5 November! Keep an eye out for her on the course (if you can keep up with her) and at the finish line.