02 NOVEMBER 2023

We want everyone who crosses the start line at the MS Gong Ride to roll through the finish line as well!   
Here are some important safety reminders from your 2023 MS Gong Ride - Rider Guide

And the 2023 Safety Video from NSW Police and champion rider Brad McGee.


Cycling Etiquette & Rules

  1. Follow the road rules! This includes stopping at lights and crossings AND remember to carry your Driver’s License or other identification.
  2. Pack Leaders:
    1. Watch out for holes and debris on the road and notify those behind you.
    2. Accelerate steadily and in a controlled manner to reduce gaps in the formation.
    3. Brake only when necessary and in a gentle manner.
    4. Don’t forget to use your hand signals!
      Rider Hand Signals
  3. Formation:
    1. Remain two-by-two, if possible, with handlebars level to the person next to you.
    2. Watch for the rider in front, taking care to not overlap wheels.
    3. Keep your front wheel slightly to the side of the back wheel of rider in front.
    4. Keep a safe distance.
    5. When merging into a single formation, outside rider moves to front of rider on their left.
    6. Always keep left unless overtaking.
  4. Back riders:
    1. Keep the pack safe and alert by watching for overtaking cars and communicate forward. Use the simple call “Car Back”.
  5. Communicate clearly with your pack! Use your hand signals and voice calls such as Rider Up, Rider Back, Car Back.

For more tips and advice, visit our 2023 MS Gong Ride - Rider Guide.