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2021 MS Gong Ride Virtual

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Bicycle food deliveries to support people with MS!

I’m taking part in the 40th MS Gong Ride Virtual. For the first week of the challenge I'll be riding as a food delivery person and I pledge my earnings from that week (and my training rides prior) to help hit my fundraising target.

Your donation will help people affected by multiple sclerosis to receive vital support, treatments, and services that will enable them to live well at home, remain connected to work and be part of the community.

MS affects more young people than any other chronic neurological condition. The average age of diagnosis is 30 years, and there is no known cure. Every person’s MS varies, but some of the symptoms are not being able to see properly (or at all), loss of balance, ability to walk, pins and needles, and chronic pain.

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My Updates

Day Thirteen

Thursday 21st Oct
Another Albert Park Ride (24km) + social catch up commute (2km). Evil swans and their adorable cygnets on the water's edge.

Day Eleven & Twelve

Wednesday 20th Oct
Yesterday 12km commute. Today a 23km exercise ride several times around Albert Park.

Day Nine & Ten

Wednesday 20th Oct
Covid test & rest days!

Day Eight

Saturday 16th Oct
Back to it today for the final food delivery ride. 21km with $45.97 in earnings. That's been $564.12 across the fortnight in delivery earnings. I've had a Covid test today in preparation for my new job, so I'll be stuck at home for the weekend I imagine, and then off for long beach rides from Monday to smash the kilometre target! Cars are so sassy.

Day Seven

Saturday 16th Oct
A day of rest and rain. 

Day Six

Thursday 14th Oct
Nice weather. Bit of a sore knee. 17km. $50.34.

Day Five

Wednesday 13th Oct
Hot sweaty dinner delivery ride. 20km. $93.98 in earnings. More flying bugs in my mouth at dusk. Unlucky them.

Day Four

Tuesday 12th Oct
Longest distance day so far with an 11km lunch commute / picnic with the parents, then a 25km dinner delivery ride ($55.96 in earnings). I inhaled a mouthful of tiny flies riding up Commercial Road, so that's my dinner sorted.

Day Three

Monday 11th Oct
I had my first swoop of the season today. Just one swoop. It was over before you could say "Help me, no, please help, oh hell". Also a spot of rain but it was mild. Today was a tougher cycle than the past few days, potentially because I'm not used to a daily ride, or because I was mostly riding up and down the sloping Toorak Road (also known to me as Thumb-tack Road due to the loose gravel responsible for two previous tyre poppings). 17km with $43.24 in earnings.

Day Two

Sunday 10th Oct
Lunch time delivery ride. 20km and $56.17 in earnings.

Day One

Saturday 9th Oct
Today I had a lovely ride to the beach to catch up with mum and Dad, 7km. Then a lunchtime delivery ride for 14km, $34.48). 21km total today and only a little sprinkle of rain so far.

UPDATE: Take away dinner commute ride 3km. Day total: 24km

Second Training Ride

Friday 8th Oct
Second training ride. Tomorrow the challenge begins. This evening's ride was 17km, $90.80 in earnings. A busy Friday night for deliveries with lots of short distance spurts. No rain again but it looks like it may rain tomorrow. I probably should get proper sweat pants for riding because in my current pants, after a bit of riding my sweat patches make it looks like I've shit myself. Not a great look when delivering food to strangers.

First Training Ride

Thursday 7th Oct
First training ride complete! I rode 29km over my delivery ride today. $80.82 in earnings. An easy ride with nice weather. The next few days are promising rain. As the challenge starts on Saturday, this might cause an initial set back, but after today's ride I'm confident I'll be able to make up the kilometres for missed days due to bad weather. To reach my 500km target that's 16.67km per day on average. Feeling ready!

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good on you Alex!



I’m sure you’ll beat the goal! Go, go, Alex!


Gail Wines

So wonderful of you to do this for your family Alex Good luck


Cindy Pritchard

Go Alex!! Great cause! You are a champion! Proud of you. xxx


Helen And Jurij Bondaruk

Go Alex! You're a champion!


David Ryall

Great Alex lots of love Nan and Pop XXX


Alex Moffat


Alex Moffat


Alex Moffat


Sandy Bevc

Great cause Alex. Happy riding!


Alex Moffat


Alex Moffat


Ruth Mahon


Julie Collins






Kerry Apted

Onya Alex. Love from all four of us.


Alex Moffat




Alex Moffat


Alex Moffat


Alex Moffat


Jaysin Pupsta

GO Bubbyfish! What a great cause! All the best on your long as bike ride. Remember, if you get tired you can just get an Uber. X


Meg Beatty

Go Alex!

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