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I'm taking the Challenge to fight MS!

I am taking part in the MS Gong Ride Virtual, the Ride to Fight MS.

Thank you for supporting me as I take on challenge of riding throughout October, to help support Australians living with multiple sclerosis.

Why am I fundraising?

It’s quite staggering to think that multiple sclerosis affects more young people than any other chronic neurological condition. It can strike anyone at any time and the symptoms vary so widely.

For instance, can you imagine waking up one day unable to do the everyday things you would usually take for granted? Like not being able to see properly (or at all), you physically can’t get out of bed, can’t walk to the phone to call someone – anyone – or  live a life without pain?

All of a sudden, your world has changed.

Thanks to your generous support, the funds we raise will allow people living with multiple sclerosis to access vital MS support services. Support to keep Aussies living with multiple sclerosis connected to others and connected to the information and services they need to live their best life.

Thank you again for your support!

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Post-poning my ride

Monday 12th Oct
Big thank you to all the generous donors! You're making an amazing difference to people living with MS. 

I'm post-poning my ride until my ankle is ready. Still experiencing ligament pain and working with the physio to improve things. 

I'll update you when I'm back on the bike! Committed to the kms (eventually!).

Broken ankle HEALED... but weak

Monday 28th Sep
Wish me luck for October! I have just started walking without the moon boot this weekend past. So, a bike ride is next on the list. 

Still excited to smash my 82km goal. Thanks for supporting my ride to fight MS. The donations made help fund incredible services like MS Nurse Advisors - who guide people supportively through their diagnosis and assist them with symptom management. That's just ONE amazing service, among many, that are FREE to people living with MS. All of these help people live well with this life-long disease and achieve their goals, despite the illness. 

Thank you!

Monday 17th Aug
Thank you to each and everyone for the generous donations and for sharing my page on socials :) 

Feeling really motivated with this challenge on the calendar! Plus lovely Rach gifted me some padded bike shorts today so that's a big win. Best auntie ;) 

Keen to get started!!

Wednesday 8th Jul
Ordered my new bike seat to turn Alex's bike into something tolerable for me haha.. Now I must start exercising at least a little before October... ;)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rachel Muldoon

Go sweets 🍫






Greg Christopher

Go Amz! 😎


Esther Mcconnell

Love your commitment and enthusiasm xx PS could me in for a pedal when you’re able


Tim Condick

Awesome stuff guys! Love it 👏🏽


Andrea Alvis

Great work Amy! Thinking of my dear sister in law, diagnosed with MS many years ago , who has gained very valuable hope, support and encouragement through the MS Association.


Tamara Tolmachev

Good on you, Amy! Best of luck with training & achieving your goal. I believe in you!! Xxx


Amy Mulder


Isobel Kemp

Love, love, love


Chantelle Schneider

YAY - go Amy in your moon boot!!!


Melissa Freeman



Alice Curtis

Go Amy !!!!


Georgie Jane

You go girl 🎉😄


Jane Southern



Amy Mulder

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