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I'm taking the Challenge to fight MS!

This year has certainly been different hasn't it? For so long I remember 2020 being the bookmark in the calendar that promised so much. It was a year we looked forward to with excitement and anticipation. What has eventuated this year no one (besides maybe Bill Gates) saw coming. But in my experience that tends to be how life works. Generally when you make plans life has other ideas.

My Dad had plans for his future that certainly didn't involve Multiple Sclerosis, a wheelchair or stem cell transplants but that's what it has thrown his way.

I planned on riding the Sydney to Gong again this year, as did many others I'm sure. The event has unfortunately been called off but instead the MS Gong team have organised for a virtual ride this year to continue fundraising for this cause. I'm going to attempt to ride 1027km in the month of October, the distance Google tells me it is between Newcastle and Melbourne.

As I promised 5 years ago I will continue to do this event as long as my legs let me do so. Your support of this cause over the years has been immense and I appreciate it is just one of many causes that demand our attention and generosity. If you would like to make a difference to people like my Dad's lives, please consider sponsoring me to ride much much further than I've ever ridden in a month!

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Chris Stoddard


Sam Brentnall



Wonderful supportxx


Max Freeman


Christian Gaeta

Miss you, Lefty! Prayers for your dad, your family, and all others affected by MS. Good luck with all the kilometers! Kick butt!


Fraser Wilkinson

The fruit bread and big back treats. Great riding.




Melissa Myers

Great job Chris.




Ryan Davey

50 more if you do 5km around a roundabout


Soheila Damandan


Bronwyn Frost

Go Chris you're awesome


Dan Rule

wishing you tail winds for your ride this year buddy


Isa L




Look forward to watching your progress on strava / zwift


Alice Si

Great work!


Anna Stoddard

Say hi to Anastasia in Brissy for me


Mark Thomas

Amazing effort Chris, and a great cause. Well done.


Patrick Sparks


Elise Pilon

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