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I'm taking the Challenge to fight MS!

I am taking part in the MS Gong Ride Virtual, the Ride to Fight MS.

I start my challenge on 1 October. You will be able to see my progress here on my page and support me along the way!

Why am I fundraising?

It’s quite staggering to think that multiple sclerosis affects more young people than any other chronic neurological condition. It can strike anyone at any time and the symptoms vary so widely.

For instance, can you imagine waking up one day unable to do the everyday things you would usually take for granted? Like not being able to see properly (or at all), you physically can’t get out of bed, can’t walk to the phone to call someone – anyone – or  live a life without pain?

All of a sudden, your world has changed.

Thanks to your generous support, the funds we raise will allow people living with multiple sclerosis to access vital MS support services. Support to keep Aussies living with multiple sclerosis connected to others and connected to the information and services they need to live their best life.

Thank you again for your support!

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As if I needed to do another ride...

Sunday 1st Nov
Joined the Cancer Voices Ride this morning in memory of one of our recently departed members Roger. 70km and up Torrens Hill Road at Paracombe...the battle scene of many a final stage of the TDU...won by Rohan Dennis and recently Richie Porte KOM.

Done and dusted!!

Saturday 31st Oct
Knocked off the final 36kms today riding the final 22kms of the actual Sydney to Wollongong course. Without a doubt, the hardest physical and mental challenge I’ve undertaken...and not in a hurry to repeat it.
Thanks to Bruce for your support and taking me out in the fresh air for weekly Tandem rides. Thanks to Fulgaz for an amazing app that kept me motivated and coming back to ride indoors day after day. And thanks to all the supporters that donated funds to the cause. You doubled my fund raising target which will benefit so many people suffering from MS.
Signing off 

So so tired.....

Wednesday 28th Oct
Tried to clock up a long ride after work today with Bruce and I was so fatigued and tired, that at the 50km mark I started whimpering on the bike and stopped off....and quietly cried...didn’t think I could continue any further. A little pep talk from Bruce, a quick rest and we were off again. 
I’m now virtually just west of Goulburn with about 160kms to complete in the next 3 days

Birthday weekend ride

Monday 26th Oct
978kms completed! Bruce and I have just completed 3 days riding in the Barossa, Eden Valley, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. Had today off work and as we rolled into McLaren Vale for a late lunch, I was so tired trying to clock more kms, that we decided to get the train’s been bitterly cold over the last few days and I’m drained. 
Only 5 days left to complete the final 300kms of this challenge...hmmm

Day 18 and officially half way!

Sunday 18th Oct
Knocked off 641kms with over 6000m of climbing. Most of the rides have been completed indoors, but managed two rides on the Tandem over the weekend.
So where am I virtually? In Hay NSW and about 100kms behind where I should be. I’ll just keep chipping away during a busy work week....all indoor riding until the weekend.
Thanks to some of my IHD colleagues who have sponsored my ride...

Day 14

Wednesday 14th Oct
Well this has been a whirlwind... I’m at the 449km mark between Manangatan in Victoria and Tooleybuc in NSW. Father in hospital for the last 10 days, sister in Intensive Care Interstate and me with hip bursitis keeping me off the bike for a few days.
 35% of the distance I think making this by October 31st will be extremely difficult. But I’ll keep going and see if I can make it to Wagga or Canberra. 
I have 3 days of back to back training next week followed by a 16hr day/night work conference. Let’s see if I can knock off at least 900kms by month end.


Friday 25th Sep
We're experiencing a prolonged wet winter and with no holiday in site to prep for or regain some fitness, I was left wondering what I could do to stay motivated? I discovered my employer Novartis  has a team participating in the virtual MSGong Ride - usually run each year from Sydney to Wollongong, the ride aims to raise awareness and much needed funds for Multiple Sclerosis. Due to COVID, 2020 will be run virtually from anywhere in Australia to Wollongong! BINGO!! So can I make the distance from Adelaide to Wollongong AND work full time??? 1286kms between Oct 1- Nov 1? One can only try!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Big Sis

Onya Christine🥰


Alison Casey


Kathryn Underhill

You are a star. Keep up the good work!


Felicity Kao

Almost there Christine! You've got this!


Jason Izzard


Mike Symons

Enjoy the ride Christine, I hope there is a lot of downhill on your journey :-)



Christine you are amazing! Thank you for your support and inspiring me along the way. You can do it!! Mo


Christine Meijborg


Tiffany Cosh

Awesome Christine


Ashok Dixit

You are doing Ana amazing thing thing Chris


Chett Beavis

Best of luck Christine... You’ll make the distance easily...!!


Peter Wirthensohn

Nearly there. Well done Christine!


Heather Mcculloch

Great work, Christine!


Tracey Pearce

You are Woman I hear you Roar 🤣 Kick butts dude 💪❤️🤟


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