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This November, I am taking part in the 40th MS Gong Ride!

Since 1981, this iconic ride has raised funds to help fight MS and I'm now part of this incredible legacy.

Why am I fundraising?

As you may or may not be aware my father (the Rig) has multiple sclerosis, he was diagnosed back in 2005 and the disease has made him a right pain in the ass. He is opinionated, stubborn and in some cases unbearable to be around. I figured the best thing I could do is drive 2 hours down to Sydney and then ride another 82km to get even further away from him and hopefully then I wont hear his moaning. It is possible that MS isn't fully to blame.

It would be nice if you could throw in a buck. I don't normally road ride so I'll have to rip the mountain bike from Sydney to the Gong. Can't wait. 


Thank you again for your support!

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I couldn’t be more proud💕


A & G Brown

Go Ev!


Ken Cross

What will you look like in lycra!!!!


Harper Gillan

Well done Ev, a massive ride and fantastic cause.


Adamstown Car Doctors


Mark And Ros Malley

Best of luck, Evan. Your doing a wonderful thing for a great cause.


Peter Da


Nicola Dalby

Good luck Evan! I think you should get bonus point for the cover photo.


Nac Services

Well done Evan!! I usually do the MS walk, however this year has been thrown into chaos for me so really pleased that I can sponsor someone else I know. Good Luck!


Richard Clancy

Get on ya bike!


Cividino Fam

Happy to donate a road bike for the event too 🚴


Kathy Jordan

Can I come too?


Chris And Wayne Cone

Ride Evan ride!!!!!


Stephen & Kelly Scott

Well done Ev, I’ll donate some dencorub!


Harley Tull

You got this mate it’s a great ride.


Brigid & Chris


Josh Hogan

Good luck mate.


Rach & Jake

You're a legend Ev!


Milton Sales

Ride safely


Case & Baz

Give Cheese a double!


Carla Shields

Go Uncle Ev!!


Colleen & Dennis

Good luck Evan.


Mary Scott


Marg And Dennis Tarran

Great effort Ev.


Elizabeth Scott



Push push push Evan.


Kristy Clancy

Go Ev


Jenna Scott

See you at the finish line


Tim Scott

Go Evan! Well done!


Stephen Prince


Matt Patt

You reckon they can put some money to researching better ear plugs? Or just chuck the Rig in a horse float and cart him off to Alice Springs or something.


Lizzy Stacey


Helen Plummer

Good luck Evan!


Ross Jones

Enjoy the ride.


Ross Hampton


Brenden Wrightson


Wendy Murdoch


Joy Clancy

I’ll puff for you! Nana x


Bryan Pollock

Happy to recommend some good lycra for the ride,


Suzan Frankcombe

Be thankful the ride is on the Cliff Road, and not up Bulli Pass.


Russell Buchanan


Craig Doran

Tim Tams for the win


Bianca Lewis

Good Luck Ev!


Dave Watson

Tightest man in council giving money to a good cause. Evan you rule. Love Dave


Caroline Cook


Kellie Harris


Jenny Hammond

Go Evan you’re the best. Asset management and the world need more people like you. xoxo Jenny


Evan Scott

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