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I'm going to ride 82km in a month?????

Despite not having ridden a bike for 2 years, I've decided to do ride 82km this month to raise money for MS.


Karen, my partner Alex's mum, has MS. It is mild but still affects her life in several ways. I want to raise money to help improve the lives of people with MS.

Alex and his dad Kevin have done the MS Gong Ride several times, raising money and having a good time. Alex also did the MS Wellness Run. Unfortunately Alex passed away recently. I want to ride in memory of Alex.

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Monday 16th Nov
Just realised I forgot to add an update!

I surpassed my second goal of riding 164km by the end of October, instead I rode 178km! I discoveredI quite enjoy mountain biking and have done some more riding this month with my dad.

A very big thank you to everyone who sponsored me. It certainly gave me motivation to keep pushing through the km, AND all the money gets to support poeple living with MS!

Time for another challenge!

Friday 16th Oct
At the beginning of the month, riding 82km seemed like a potentially achievable goal for someone who hadn't ridden a bike for several years.

Well, I'm halfway through the month and a few days ago I reached that 82km goal! A friend challenged me to ride double my goal, so now I'll be aiming to ride 164km by the end of October :)

Halfway there!

Monday 12th Oct
It's not even halfway through the month and I'm already halfway through my 82km goal! I took this photo in the Royal National Park last week, I really enjoy riding down in the bush. I've been feeling really weighed down with grief and haven't ridden for several days now, but will jump back on my bike tomorrow to keep logging the kilometres.

A big thank you to all my generous sponsors xxx The end goal is in sight AND we made the leaderboard! I'm currently 21st overall for fundraising (all thanks to you, my kind sponsors!) and team Alex is 5th overall! Thank you so much, this personally means a lot to me and will assist so many people with MS xx

And it begins!

Sunday 4th Oct
As soon as I signed up to the MS Gong Ride, I texted my dad to ask if I could accompany him on his bike rides. My dad is a keen cyclist and was very excited to have me join him this month. He's lent me one of his mountain bikes to ride and knows all the good spots to ride near where we live.

We started off at the bike track while I got used to riding again (dad took the above photo of me before the first ride, classic me had my eyes shut haha). Today we went for a nice ride in the Royal National Park, went over bumps, rocks and some hills. I really like the bumps and rocks!

I've been carrying two of Alex's favourite t shirts with me everywhere over the last few weeks. So of course I had to bring his shirts with me while riding, safely tucked into a drawstring backpack (you can sort of see it in the picture).

I never thought I'd exceed my fundraising goal by so much! Thank you very very much to all my generous sponsors, I really appreciate each dollar and message xxx

Thank you to my Sponsors



My condolences for your loss. You are not alone in this fight.


Adrien Meurant

V Proud.


Belinda, Derrick And Phillip

Very proud of you.


Gianna Cheung

I’m so proud of you Han, and I know Alex would be too 💕


Steve, Celeste, Jake, Alyssa And Zac




Nanny And Poppy

So proud of you Love you so much


Anthony Ducie

Sorry to hear about Alex and his parents, I have some very fond memories of him at school. I sat next to him in Maths and Chemistry and he always helped me when I needed it most, we played games like Dead Space, Fear and a whole slather of other multiplayer games. I wish the best of luck and good health to you and Alex's family. Thank you.


Hannah Munro-laylim


Wally Gheneim

Hey, Hannah I know we don't know each other much but i'm so sorry for your loss, Alex was a wonderful person. You’re doing an amazing job with everything, includong this fundraiding. I noticed you were only a few dollars off of meeting your goal so i hope this helps.


Hannah Even



Good luck! :)


Kristina O'shea


Allison Munro

We love you Hannah! Ride like the wind 😀


Shellie Johnsen

Proud of you Hannah


Izzy And Tim

Sending you our love ♡ ♡ You got this !!!


Adrian Bishop

Love from Adrian and Morgan


Johnsen Family

Great job Hannah.


Jessie Boiskin

You’re amazing! Keep up the great work, proud of you 😊



So proud of you Han xx


Julianne Tancevski

Such a wonderful thing to do Hannah!


Vic Testa

Well done Hannah xx


Bianca Herring

My love to you Hannah you are doing such an amazing thing ❤️


Gemma Brookes


Isabelle Ryan

Good luck!!


Samantha Vince

Go Hannah!


Marissa Kielly


Callum Vittali-smith

Best of luck Hannah, you can do it!!




Paige Colby

Proud of you Hannah, you've got this! ❤️


Cara Kenny


Alice Mitchell


Mari Varhaug

Good luck!



I admire you so much. Love u always


Victoria Liddle

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