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First Post Winter Training Ride - Hillawong Circuit

Monday 13th Sep
Finally got back on the bike today. Where I live in Illawong is essentially hills so alternatively hard and easy to get around on a bike. Did 28km on the Hillawong circuit. I could only handle two cracks of the Alfords Point Hill cycleway today so a relatively short ride of 28km achieved. I am happy with that. My aim is to get up to 40km rides on a regular basis which means quite a few more repetitions of the Hillawong circuit in my immediate future.

The Beginning - 9 September 2021

Thursday 9th Sep
I have never been a "blogger" so this seems a reasonable place to start. It is now 30 days until the Gong Virtual event commencing on October 9th for 30 days. Hence I thought this was the right time to start a blog.

The three reasons I am participating in this event in order of importance are:

1. Raise $1,000 for a good cause;
2. Challenge myself by riding 500km over 30 days; and
3. Lose 10kg, because my "lycra look" is unfortunate. 

So how am I going with these goals so far?

My generous sponsors have made achieving the first goal a breeze as it is already done. However, the good people at Gong Virtual would like me to seek greater heights so please keep the donations coming.

I hung my bike up in late July after my last training ride and it seems to have remained so since then. I was training for the Orange Newcrest 100km event at the time and when that got cancelled, I decided to bunker down for the balance of winter because each day since then was either too cold, windy or rainy to get on the bike (or so I told myself). Now that the weather has improved with our glorious spring days I have run out of such excuses. 

Having an "event" to train for and participate in provides the right motivation to get back on the bike. To achieve 500km I need to ride a minimum of 17km a day or 34km every two days. This is not overly difficult but consistency and discipline has always been an issue for me.

I am going to give myself a training goal of 350km during the lead up to October 9th just so I get into the swing of things.

Officially I am going to start tomorrow morning because I like putting hard things off.

A lack of training and loads of delicious winter food prepared by my wonderful wife Sheryl has caused the bulges in my lycra cycling gear to become even firmer and less flattering. Hence the weight loss goal so I can present better in lycra as long as the light is right (i.e. very dark).

That is enough from me. I will report back in a week or so to let you know how the training is going.

Have a great day


Thank you to my Sponsors




Michael Grant

Self donation to start off


Rae Ni Corraidh

Good luck and enjoy the cycling!



Good on you Grandma


Guy Freeland



Go you good thing! Ride strong dad <3


Paul Lyon

Go on MG - the pain is worth it!!


James Mathers


Iain Spittal

Good work Michael!


Julie Fitzgerald

Ride Proud


Mel & Sooz

Good work Michael. Mel & Sooz


Madei Low

Good luck! Watch out for those early morning sunrises!


Morgan Fitzgerald

🚲🚲🚲🚲 good luck



Go Uncle Michael!!!



Love your work Uncle Michael 💪🏼


Peter Adamow

Go Mic

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