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40th MS Gong Ride Classic

We're taking the Challenge to fight MS!

This November, we are taking part in the 40th MS Gong Ride!

Since 1981, this iconic ride has raised funds to help fight MS and we're now part of this incredible legacy.

Why am we fundraising?

It’s quite staggering to think that multiple sclerosis affects more young people than any other chronic neurological condition. The average age of diagnosis is 30 years, and there is no known cure.

Every person’s MS varies, but some of the symptoms are not being able to see properly (or at all), loss of balance, ability to walk, pins and needles, and chronic pain.

Your support will help people with multiple sclerosis receive the vital support, treatments, and services to help them live well at home, remain connected to work, and be part of the community.

Thank you again for your support!

Our Achievements

Reached 25% of Fundraising Target

Reached 50% of Fundraising Target

Reached 75% of Fundraising Target

Reached 100% of Fundraising Target

Recruited 5 Team Members

Thank you to our Sponsors



Good on you Bret


Matthew Gray

Good on you Bret - far better you than me ;-)


Paul Walsh

Good luck Bret. You a doing a wonderful thing!


William Leighton


Emma + Tim

Go Diddah!



Could you do this on a unicycle instead?



Good on you Bret, go well.


Stefan Reif


Peter Scott


Harley Somer


Geoff Walker


Maree Somer

Love you buddy


John Denyer

Pedal hard Geoff!



Go Brett



One day, not this year I'm afraid, I'll join you as it's on my bucket list...... I just don't think my buttock cheeks are up to it at the moment.


Natalie Walker

Good luck 😊


Anthony Bailon



Don Mcarthur

good on you old sock


Tim Causer

Good Luck, you go within 50 meters of our place.


David Coulton

Go you good thing!! Can't see this being a problem for an athlete like you😁



Go for it Bret


Jodie Mallia

Well done, and good luck on the ride Bret


Gordon Steer

Hi Bret, I have the upmost conference that you will complete the ride , we will be proud you which ever way it goes Patricia &Gordon


Elizabeth Kent

Go Bret!!


Christopher Eyre


Bret Cavanagh






Ian Reynolds

Great to see you're still at it!


John And Lynne Carruthers

It should be easy for a fit young man such as you.


Rick Harper

GO the Bean !!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't give LOTS - ( I'm a bloody pensioner these days ) - but "every bit helps" as they say We wish you well !!! XXX Big and the Minister for WAR 'n Finances


Matthew Rennert


Chris Beacher


Stefan Reif

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