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Casual & Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Get your family, friends and colleagues together with our fun, casual and corporate fundraising ideas.

Every year, we are surprised and delighted by the creativity that MS Sydney to the Gong participants bring to their fundraising efforts. In preparation for our upcoming charity event, we've put together some tips and ideas to get you started:

Fancy Dress

Would your friends, family or colleagues pay to see you look silly? Tell them you'll complete the MS Sydney to the Gong in fancy dress if they help you reach your fundraising goal.

Morning or Afternoon Tea

Hold a morning or afternoon tea at your home, school or workplace and ask everyone who attends to make a donation.

Sausage Sizzle

Many local businesses, such as hardware stores and garden centres, allow charity groups to hold sausage sizzles outside their stores. Approach your local butcher or grocery store for donations of sausages or bread.

Fruit Bowl

Set up a communal fruit bowl at your workplace and charge your colleagues a couple of dollars per piece. Visit your local produce market to stock up or ask a greengrocer to donate excess fruit.

Mufti/casual Day

Organise a mufti day at your school or a casual day at work and ask participants to make a gold coin donation. Alternatively, get wacky and go for loud shirts or crazy ties.

Swear Jar

Start a swear jar at your home, school or workplace and request a gold coin donation for every #$%! spoken.

Trivia Night

Host a trivia night at a local bar, restaurant or club and put the entry fees towards your fundraising. Many venues will be happy to let you use their space for charity, particularly if you can bring in additional patrons on a quiet night of the week. You could also offer clues in return for extra donations or hold a raffle during the break.

Movie Night

Many cinemas will open their doors for charity movie screenings, with a percentage of ticket sales to go towards your fundraising.

We're Here to Help

Let us help you - our event fundraising team are experts at helping you reach your fundraising goals

Whether you're an individual looking to make a difference, or a team working together for the cause, we'd love to help you bring your fundraising ideas to life. To get you started have a look at our fundraising guide. We can also provide:

  • The MS Sydney to the Gong Ride and MS logos for use in promotional material
  • MS flags, balloons, stickers and temporary tattoos
  • Receipt books for use at fundraising events
  • An MS ambassador to speak about MS and how it affects their life
  • Ongoing support, advice and practical assistance with your fundraising activities

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