Forming a team is a great way to join forces with your family, friends and colleagues to combine creative ideas and work together to reach your fundraising goal!

Captain Your Own Team

There is no cost to create a team; each member simply pays his or her entry fee. If you would prefer to pay the whole team’s entry fees in one payment, we can organise a team payment code. Find out more about captaining your own team.

Team Web Page

After creating a team you receive access to your own team management page. Use the team page to communicate and coordinate with other team members. Find out more about team web pages.

Team Fundraising

Getting friends and family involved in fundraising as part of a team is a marvellous way to achieve support for a great cause. Learn more about fundraising as a team.

Corporate Teams

Being part of a corporate team can be a great team building exercise. Matched fundraising from your employer can also help you reach your fundraising goals. Find out how to organise a corporate team.

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