It is important to consider taking out cycling insurance before participating in the MS Gong Ride. Multiple Sclerosis Limited is not responsible for any injury or damage you cause during the event.

There are various forms of bike insurance in the market and we have listed a few options for you to consider.

Generally, bike insurance provides specific cover for cyclists, that may not be included in other more general insurances, such as home insurance.

Cycling insurance can offer protection for costs associated with loss or damage occurring due to accident or theft.

Examples of bike risks include:

  • Property (not just your bike) damaged in an accident
  • Damage to someone else's property caused by you whilst on your bike
  • Driving into the garage with your bikes still on the roof rack
  • Theft (at home or elsewhere)

Insurance Options

We encourage all MS Gong Ride cyclists to consider purchasing cycling insurance before the MS Gong Ride, and have listed some options for you to consider.


"Knowing that you, your family and your riding mates are protected in case of an accident, provides peace of mind. Cycling Australia offers memberships for all levels and abilities of riding, from young kids just starting out to the pro’s in the peloton, we’re here for all riders. No matter what stage of cycling you’re at, we are here to help you get on the bike and keep you covered when you’re riding." Find out more


"We’ve got your back every time you ride. Not only do you receive comprehensive riding insurance that will cover your medical expenses, income protection and third party coverage we also offer you Riders rights and legal support in case you have a crash on your bike on altercation with a third party." Find out more


"Bicycle NSW membership is an investment in a better cycling future, along with the best recreational bike riding insurance available in NSW. Our members enjoy comprehensive, global bike riders insurance – the best available to recreational bike riders in NSW. The personal accident and public liability coverage provided gives peace of mind to riders when they ride at any time, anywhere in the world." Find out more