23 OCTOBER 2023


As veteran riders will know and look forward to, the iconic MS Gong Ride features a closed road course between Waterfall Station and Otford Lookout. This section of the course features some of the best scenery in the ride, and the experience of riding on a closed road through the Royal National Park is one like no other.

In planning for the 2023 event MS Plus have been liaising with all concerned parties and can now announce that the controlled descent at McKell Ave will be removed.

Riders will not need to queue to be released in controlled descent waves from Waterfall Station. All riders will be able to ride into the Royal National Park at their own pace and experience the closed road section of the course.

Riders arriving at Waterfall before 8:45am have the option of bypassing the Rest Site by continuing along McKell Avenue, then into the Royal National Park.

Riders who arrive at Waterfall Station after 8:45am will enter the Rest Site, which will offer water, toilets, snacks and more, before riding into the Royal National Park.



An Incident Response Team will be positioned down the McKell Avenue descent to quickly respond to any incidents, ensuring the safety of all riders and preventing delays.

Set up in front of Waterfall Public School will be a slow point and chute to slow riders and mark the start of the closed road and descent section of the course.

Riders will not be following lead moto marshals, instead allowing a natural flow, cycling at their own pace through the point and down the descent.

The Waterfall Station Rest Site will be equipped with water, toilets, bike mechanics, first aid and a cake stall supporting Waterfall Public School, with the addition of a Master of Ceremonies to provide entertainment and make announcements at the Rest Site.



  • Riders arriving at Waterfall before 8.45am have the option of descending McKell Avenue without entering the rest site.
  • From 8.45am onwards, waterfill barriers will be used to funnel riders into single file at the start of the descent. Pay attention to Police and volunteers who will direct you to slow down and merge right.
  • Participants are asked to be mindful and ride to the conditions and their own experience level on the descent. Be aware of your surroundings and other riders around you.
  • Keep left, ride safely and follow all directions from NSW Police, event staff and volunteers.
  • Part way down the descent the road narrows to one lane, signs will be in place to warn riders to slow down and move to the right.

As always, the MS Events Team is here to help with any questions you may have relating to the event. Contact your Fundraising Coach, Donovan, on 1300 733 690 or via email at events@ms.org.au.

Rest Site 3 - Waterfall Station (2023)

Rest Site 3 - Waterfall Station (2023)